"Where we have the opportunity to help, we have the responsibility to help." 

Since its inception in 2014 KAPEK has continually strove to make a positive impact in the communities we operate in. With our diverse workforce, the desire to work on meaningful, impactful projects is strong within our team and we take great pride in the work we have been able to accomplish so far. 

KAPEK Kenyan Mathematical Olympiad

Since early 2020, KAPEK have partnered with the University of Nairobi and the Mathematics Association of Kenya to grow the annual secondary schools' competition: The KAPEK Kenya Mathematical Olympiad. This national competition is aimed at identifying young math talent, improving performance, mathematical literacy and promoting excellence in mathematics among high school students in Kenya. 

Winners of the KAPEK Kenyan Mathematical Olympiad go on to represent Kenya in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad(PAMO) Games.

Prestigious, global competitions, the IMO & PAMO bring together the brightest minds from around the world. The Olympiad is aimed at pre-university students affording them the opportunities to enjoy the company of like-minded young people from around the world and make memories that will last a life-time.

Working with the University of Nairobi since 2020, KAPEK has set the objective to help extend the competition, making it more accessible to students and encouraging participation. Working hard to improve the competition year on year, in 2021 we have extended our help to educators by providing online training for teachers and students.

Other aims for the competition include:

  • Participation from every eligible Kenyan child. ​
  • Extending the competition to include younger children beginning early to prepare them for the competition and their careers in the future, this will include extending the competition, in time, to the middle school children of Kenya. ​
  • Increased awareness for mathematics and improve mathematical literacy in Kenya.  In just one year we have helped to grow the competition participation by well over 400%.
  • Help to create a high-performance work force for Kenya in the future with greater opportunities for higher education. ​
  • Develop a world class, sophisticated education curriculum. ​
  • Encourage more female participants in the competition – historically, only about 10% of participants have been female.
  • The competition provides a platform for young ambitious secondary students to exercise their mathematical skills and get the opportunity to study on scholarship in ivy league universities such as Harvard. (This year one of our previous KKMO participants accepted a scholarship to the prestigious school.)

Customer Service Centre for the West Africa Examinations Council

Since our inception, and with well-established relationship with the West African Examinations Council, KAPEK has been able to help standardise and improve the level of trust within the examination system.

With our parent company Cornfield Transnational, KAPEK has built a modern customer service infrastructure for the West Africa Examinations Council. The system, which enabling the Council to serve the public more effectively helps to uphold the standard qualitative and reliable educational assessment.

Improving trust in the Council by:

  • Providing a clear and effective feedback mechanism.
  • Transparency in operations.
  • Upholding and protecting their reputation.
  • Improvement in services rendered by the Council.
  • Bridging the gap between the Council and the public which they serve.
  • Trust in examinations conducted and degrees awarded.
  • Enhanced standardization.

KAPEK Partners with the West Africa Examinations Council to Curb Examinations Malpractices

In the bid to curb examinations malpractices, ensure standardisation and provide a level playground for all examination candidates, KAPEK Scientific Mathematical Instrument was developed to help the West Africa Examinations Council uphold the integrity of its examinations.

Having taken the needs of examination bodies into consideration, KAPEK, a non-programmable scientific calculator conforms to international examinations standards and specifications. Its non-programmable feature deliberately eliminates the possibility of manipulation to the calculator to gain undue advantage during examinations.

As a compact of scientific calculator and mathematical set, KAPEK comprises all that is required by students in examinations and everyday study.

Millions of KAPEK SMI have been deployed to prevent cheating in West Africa since 2015. As a stakeholder in the education sector, KAPEK ensures:


    KAPEK conforms to international examinations requirements


    We continually aim to provide greater value for money


    KAPEK is made of durable materials that is able to withstand wear and tear.


    It's transparent casing does not aid cheating during examinations and is suitable for state examinations around the world.


    it is easy to carry around as a compact of all tools required to succeed at mathematics and science.


    It provides a level playground for all students.