Established in 2015, KAPEK has quickly become the product of choice for schools and universities around the world empowering teachers and inspiring students to succeed in mathematics and science.

A leading mathematical brand, we are committed to providing complete mathematical solution for students, institutes, organisations, and business professionals globally. To date, we have sold over 15 million KAPEK sets globally and pride ourselves on providing a high quality, cost effective solution to students around the world. 

Designed in conjunction with some of the world’s foremost education experts and institutes, KAPEK is developed with education in mind.
A complete math set for any student; it contains all the tools you need from percentages to logarithms as well as an in-built 24-hour digital clock for efficient time management.
The integrated scientific calculator offers several useful features which allows you carry out simple and advanced mathematical functions and it comes in a beautifully designed package with a range of fun colour options.      

Our leading-edge technology used by millions of students annually helps to improve their’ math solving skills, enhancing their mathematical literacy.

Our company while young, is committed to STEM education and empowering young people reach for the stars.

In 2020, we partnered with the Kenyan Mathematical Olympiad to help improve mathematical literacy in Kenya with early identification of talented students.

Winning students of the KAPEK Kenya Mathematical Olympiad (KKMO) prestigious contest go on to represent Kenya in international competitions with many having opportunities to study in International and ivy league universities.

KAPEK has also partnered with governments around the world to provide mathematical sets for the various examination bodies.   

With headquarters in London, Dubai, Lagos and Nairobi and continued product development and innovations we hope to continue our mission to enhance students educational experience and be a small part of their very bright futures.