Everything You Need.

The KAPEK Maths set is designed to be your all-in-one
solution with everything you need for the future.

Efficient Planning

Manage exam duration with the KAPEK scientific Calculator Set with in-built 24 hour digital clock.

2 line display With Timer


  • Two-line display

  • 79 Step Input Capacity

  • Replay Memory

  • Error Locator

  • Basical Calculations

  • Memory Calculations

  • Independent Memory (9 Variables)

  • Fraction Calculations

  • Percentage Calculations

  • Scientific Function Calculations

  • Trigonometric/Inverse Hyperbolic Functions

  • Common and Natural Logarithms/Antilogarithms

  • Square Roots, Cube Roots, Roots, Squares, Cubes

  • Reciprocals, Factorials, Random Numbers

  • Conversion Calculations

  • Coordinate Conversion

  • Permutation

  • Combination

  • Statistical Calculations

  • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Calculations

Scientific Calculator

Kapek Scientific Calculator features


  • Calculator Modes:


    Standard Deviation


  • Display Modes

    Exponential Notation

    Decimal Place Specification

    Significant Digit Specification

  • Angle Unit Modes:





  • This Calculator requires 2 Batteries, Ag13 (Included)

  • No Audio or Noisy Keys

  • ┬áCordless

  • Non Programmable

  • No operation keys like: RUN, LRN, HLT, PROG-PMG, PRINT, ALPHA

  • No Magnetic Card or Plugins of Program Instructions

  • No Media or Sim Card Slot


kapek mathematical contents


HB Pencils





180 Protractor

Set Square

It is an extremely practical pack I was looking for a scientific calculator, and when I saw this I though I will give it a try.I was surprised to see how complete it is. First of all the calculator is easy to use and has a lot of features, perfect for students ,Secondly all the other items that come with it are more than enough for my kids maths class, no need to carry anything else, and all properly packed in one single case. All Items look to be of good quality, which also surprised me as the price is affordable.

mr s baeza nunezReviewed in the United Kingdom

Saw this product and I wondered why no one had thought of this before now! I wish I had this growing up with everything in one tidy package.
Very good quality and packed very smoothly. It also locks very neatly together. Getting my boys to do their maths homework just got a little bit more interesting!

Feyi FawehinmiReviewed in the United Kingdom

Extremely impressive, well-conceived set of high quality at a great price. I was surprised at how sturdy the compass, ruler and set square feels even after playing with them a bit. All the products seem like they will hold up quite well over time. And the completeness of the kit shows that a lot of thought went into its development. Well worth the money!

Tim EgbusonReview from Amazon

Great bundle for the price. It includes all the functions you need without the price tag - highly recommended!

FemojoReview from Amazon

I am so happy with this product.
Having bought all these items separately before for my child at a higher cost and him having bulky pencil cases, I came across this and bought for my own exams. It is altogether and when compared with the separates, a great price. Only downside is I like things I can just use but the calculator needs a bit of working out with instructions (though this is the same of every scientific calculator not just this one)

RosiePReview from Amazon uk
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