Modern slavery is the severe exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gains and it is a violation of fundamental human rights.

It takes various forms such as slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking, all of which are frowned at and not tolerated by KAPEK. As a company/brand, we are committed to a work environment that is free from forced labour and unlawful child labour. We also strongly believe that the onus is on us to promote ethical and lawful employment practices. ​

As such KAPEK does not and never will knowingly engage in unlawful child labour or forced labour in any of the products or services it provides nor will it accept commodities, products and/ or services from suppliers that employ or utilize child labour or forced labour. ​

KAPEK takes its social responsibility keenly and conducts its business ethically with integrity. As part of our efforts to ensure slavery is not observed within our business or in our supply chain, we constantly update employee codes of conduct to incorporate clear and explicit guidelines explaining the rules of these activities and the zero-tolerance position of the company against them.