Become a Stockist



Thank you for your interest in becoming a stockist. 

Are you a shop owner? Do you run a school or University or another business in which you think KAPEK products would feature nicely inside? If so, we welcome you to take our brand on board and register your interest in becoming a stockist by emailing your details in the form below. 




Can I stock your products?
We are open to anybody stocking our products as long as we know enough about your business, we can make a decision on whether we can supply you or not. It is of utmost priority to us that our products are priced so that they provide customers with affordable, accessible solutions.

Why should I stock KAPEK products?
We are arguably the fastest growing calculator brand in the world, we invest in our brand and marketing to ensure when you put the products in your store people will recognise them. We also offer a product which is durable, functional and stylish.  Since KAPEK's introduction to European markets sales have grown exponentially. Customers believe in our product. Our reviews speak for themselves, KAPEK mathematical sets offer functionality to customers above and beyond its competitors. You will be supported by a brand that is interested in growing and supplying customers a great product with built with passion.




Retailers Benefit From - 

   -  A dedicated Account Manager.
   -  Scaled pricing for greater profitability. 
   -  Content marketing support from our dedicated team. 

-  High value, innovative, durable products for your customers.
-  Quick order fulfilment.
-  Potential to become part of The KAPEK Kenyan Mathematical Olympiad through Sponsor/Partnership.
-  All stockist’s will be listed on our website as well as included in our social media outreach. 
-  Global Delivery.

What information we require:

    - Your company name?
    - Information about your company?
    - Where you intend to sell the products?

    What happens next?

    Once we have this information we will allocate the correct pricing module to you and assist you with your first order.